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Rejuvenating Impulses in Waldorf Education - by Heinz Zimmermann 

ISBN 0-9683069-3-4      Item 190     52 pages     $12.95 US.

The Calendar of the Soul - by Rudolf Steiner 

The Foundation Stone Meditation for the Days of the Week - by Rudolf Steiner

We Found a Path - by Christian Morgenstern

Six Meditations - by Christian Morgenstern

The Cycle of the Year - by Christiane Levy-Brown 

ISBN 0-9683069-6-9     Item 192     108 pages      $19.95 US.
ISBN 0-9683069-1-8      Item 194      30 pages       $9.00 US.

ISBN 0-9695293-6-8    Item 191h  (hard cover)   104 pages
$18.50 US.

ISBN 0-9683069-0-X     Item 193     28 pages     $3.00 US.

ISBN 0-9683069-2-6    Item 195    32 pages      $12.50 US.

This special edition of Rudolf Steiner's Calendar of the Soul contains English translations by Daisy Aldan, John F. Gardner, Isabelle Grieve, Brigitte Knaack, Ernst Lehrs and Ruth and Hans Pusch, as well as a paraphrase by Owen Barfield.  Each of the 52 odd pages presents the German verse for the respective week side by side with these seven different English translations. The facing even pages contain the corresponding verses as well as the two seasonally opposite verses.

Translated by Joe and Christian Reuter. Heinz Zimmermann points out how we can look in a new way at the question of the time and energy that is needed for the task of education. You may smile at his all-too-pertinent examples, and you may feel relieved by the absence of "shoulds" and the promise of perfection. But you will rejoice in renewing your strength and enthusiasm for the extra-ordinary task given to us by our individual and collective destinies.

Translated by Brigitte Knaack and Christian Reuter. This is an abridged rendering of "The Christmas Meeting for the Foundation of the General Anthroposophical Society," 1923/1924. Special emphasis is placed on Rudolf Steiner's explanatory remarks concerning the meditative work with the Foundation Stone Meditation and the seven rhythms for the days of the week. Both versions of the Foundation Stone Meditation - the one spoken by Rudolf Steiner during the Christmas Conference and the one printed in the "News from the Goetheanum," Jan. 13th, 1924 - are printed side by side in German and English.

Translated by Brigitte Knaack. The cycle "We Found a Path," a collection of fifty poems written from 1909-1914, represents a turning point in Christian Morgenstern's life and work. At the height of his illness, the poet prepared the manuscript for publication. He dedicated the volume to Rudolf Steiner, whose personal student he had become in 1909. Morgenstern did not live to see his last book in print. The fruit of his life-long quest became his loving bequest to those in quest of their own spiritual paths. On several occasions, Rudolf Steiner urged those who came to listen to his lectures to read these poems.

ISBN 0-9695293-6-8     Item 191s   (soft cover)    104 pages
$14.50 US.

Translated by Brigitte Knaack. Christian Morgenstern (1871-1914), Geman poet and personal student of Rudolf Steiner, wrote these meditations about the so-called "subsidiary exercises" presumably during the winter of 1912/13, about a year and a half before his death. They were found among his papers in a separate folder with the title "I-VI Meditations." An excerpt of the pertinent lecture by Rudolf Steiner "Occult Development" is included to give an appreciation and understanding of this poet's meditations in this context.

This perpetual calendar for children contains beautiful coloured photographs of handmade, plant-dyed, fairy-wool toys, accom -panied by children's seasonal poems. Every toy in the author's studio has a story, whether it be about a root gnome, a goose girl or Mother Earth's winter journey. This calendar tells the stories.

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